Match Setup

With Record -> Match Setup you start a new Match Recording. There are four things you have to fill out: "Player 1", "Player 2", "Choose Player who begins to serve" and "Choose Player who begins on top".

Players are grouped into three categories: First, "Own Players" which normally represent the players you are training. Then "Unknown Player" which serves as a placeholder, is created by Tennis Analyzer and can't be deleted or edited. This player can be used if you do not want to track an opposing player. Finally "Other Players" where you can store opposing players you want to know by name.

"Choose Player who begins to serve" determines who will make the first serve. "Choose Player who begins on top" determines which player will be on the upper end of the recording screen. You can see how this will look via the "Court preview" on the bottom right. Keep in mind that the recoding will always happen in portrait mode (the Home Button is under the screen).

Set 3

7-Point Tie-break at 6-6: The third set will be determined by a 7 tie-break if the score is 6-6.
Match Tie-break up to 10: The third set will be played as a single tie-break up to 10.

Match Record


Each play of the current rally is displayed in the protocol.


The score is automatically updated. You can also see the currently serving player, the date and the duration. The duration is determined by the moment you press "Start Match Recording" and end of the match (naturally through a winner or through "Exit"). The duration keeps running even when the app is not active.

The Court / Positioning a Play

The court is where you position a play by tapping once (Forehand) or twice (Backhand). The target area of the next shot is always highlighted. This is only a visualization, it has nothing to do wether the play is valid. This is solely determined by the buttons on the right and Tennis Analyzer will automatically adjust the position so you don't have to be overly precise.

The Buttons

Undo: Remove as many of your actions (taps on the court or presses of buttons) one-by-one from the match as you wish. Even over games and sets. There is no "redo" though, you have to take the correct actions again.

End Rally

Every rally has to be ended with one of these three buttons. They change their title between service and normal play.

Service Ace / Winner: The Player who made this play wins the rally with an Ace (Service) or a Winner (normal play).

Service Winner / Forced Point: The Player who made this play wins the rally with a Winner (Service) or a Forced Point (normal play).

Service Fault / Unforced Error: The Player who made this play will either be give a fault (Service), double fault (Second Service) or an unforced error (normal play). The opposing Player will win the rally.

Additional Info

These additional descriptions (Slice, Drop Shot or Volley/Smash) can be attached to any normal play. You will be able to analyze these in the statistics.


You can flag a rally as Important (a second tap removes the attribute again) to be able to quickly find these in the statics.


View the match-statistics up to this point without leaving the match.


Access this document without leaving the match.


Use this button if a match get's cancelt or a player retired. You will be able to abort the exiting and continue with the match if you accidentally tapped the button. You will not be able to continue this match later. Statistics of this match will be available as usual.


Choose a matches to analyze by choosing first a player and then his matches. You will be able to equally analyze this player as well as his opponent.

Match Stats

An overview of the match will general statistics. This can be narrowed down to single sets. You will also see a score here.

Overview / Point-by-Point

The overview displays all selected plays and the legend. The Point-by-Point viewmode displays the first three and last three plays of one rally. Middle plays from long rallies will be removed to ensure general readability. You can step trough each rally in Point-by-Point viewmode. As orientation there is a small score in the lower right. Depending on the type of statisics you will only be able to view it from only one perspective.


The legend in the lower right corner shows a statistic of the displayed plays and explains the colors.


The openings display all individual rallies.

Service, Return, Forehand…

You can get a more detailed picture of the match with the other tabs on the top of the screen. Depending on the type of stats you can narrow the plays in view down by several categories.

Player: The player to analyze. The player will be placed under the court and all the plays will be adjusted.
Service/Return: The first or second service respectively the return to this service.
Forehand/Backhand: Only forehand or backhand.
Play Type: All, Drive (normal plays), Slice or Drop Shot.
Court: Deuce or Ad Court.
Sets: All sets or a single set.
Points: All Points, Game Points (points which could win the game for the serving player), Deuce Points (equal number of points for both players), Break Points (receiving player could win the game), Important Points (rallies marked as "Important" by you) or rallies during Tie Break.
Rallies Restrict the rallies by the number of plays in it. Numbers are inclusive (5-6 means the rally had 5 or six plays).

Deleting and editing Events, Matches and Players

Only Players can be edited. You do this during Match Setup before you use a player by swiping left over it's row.

Events can be deleted during Match Setup. The matches associated with that event will not be deleted.

Matches can be deleted in Statistics » Choose Match To Analyze.

Players can be deleted in Statistics » Choose Player To Analyze and during Match Setup. Note that you all matches associated with this player will also be deleted so you won't be able to analyze these through the (not deleted) opponent.


The free version of the app contains all functionality of Tennis Analyzer so you can decide wether it's useful for you. The only restriction is that you can only analyze the currently running match.

By purchasing the full version of Tennis Analyzer you will be able to view and evaluate all recorded matches. This includes matches recorded prior to the purchase. This is a one-time purchase and it unlocks all your devices for an unlimited number of matches.